Fototenango─Happy Theologian’s day (Photo─Faith)

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (11:1). The eyes of faith are thus able to see the invisible and the believer’s heart can hope beyond all hope, exactly like Abraham, of whom Paul says in the Letter to the Romans: “in hope he believed against hope” (4:18).  ─BENEDICT XVI, GENERAL AUDIENCE, Paul VI Audience Hall, Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Let us approach this with the help of the modern art of photography.  The word “photo” comes from  the Greek prefix denoting light beams.  When you take a photo you are painting with light.  A professional photographer is an story teller using light beaming trough the camera.

Take a look at the following pictures.  It’s same object, at the same time, using two different iPhone 5.


The first shot was taken using an special Camera Application that offers different velocities for shutter.  The App name is “Long Expo” and it allows the light sensor to obtain more light than usual by extending the time that the shutter remains open, which creates the effect you see above.

You can see how that picture was taken thanks to the second iPhone’s original camera:



By looking at the picture with hypersensitiveness one can barely see how many hands are in the frame.  This is how we humans live in this century: we are overwhelmed by stimulating information in our daily life.  By attending the nourishment of the faith, as saint Paul put it, one can back step and approach situations with a calmed and joyful sensitivity.  Using father Benedict’s thinking: With the gift of faith one manages life differently:  “no way is the adventure of human life to be mastered.  It is the very toughness of this adventure that makes it beautiful”.  Thanks to the progress provided by technology one can elaborate these thoughts.  It is our personal task to leverage this progress in the most convenient manner;  For me, obviously, it’s about properly reading God’s free self-revelation.


January 28th is the feast of st. Thomas Aquinas, therefor Theologian’s day.

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