thoughts abut

if spec keeps teaching, and finds a way of earning $1/2k monthly, in 50 months he could have his $25k for trading, so he begins at 30 yrsld.

Teaching mkts in exchange of source for money raising.

In the mean time, could follow a true market student agenda testing trading hypothesis and developing wiser mkt skills just in paper. In a daily basis.


Unless a fundamental shift come about, this should be executed with true loyalty.


This means that a car possibility is null and so for any kind of expensive pleasures like traveling.


I have 5 years for building my capital size, develop profitable strategies, getting a female partner so a new era should start 60 months forward beginning in the 3q of 2009. Kerigmatic activities should then be replaced by a family constitution.


The tools necessary for this is keeping a mental focus trough meditation and disciplined daily praying for improving attention.

240 weeks forward from 01V9 [kerygma, mkts, baseball] should switch to [family,mkts,baseball].

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