mkt repor at 21K9

From now on, I will write in English only.


Today I was watching closely GC, CL, DA, SP and the Baltic.


Yesterday I recognized a double top on the 30min chart of the SP500 and so far, today, the pattern has been completed. I don’t care the economic history about it. What I care is the following of today:


Softs traded higher with stronger dollar, in fact DX was the best commodity on my 40 products list. That being said, the next surprise was on energies which were the wrost of the session with NG 10% down, I guess some inventory data crushed the rally-buyers (what a crazy and wild mkt).

Also bond prices where sharply lower today and the SP500 lower too. It’s the first time I catch such behavior: 1) We are at a delta point where every thing is about to crack back or 2) I am just being extremely naive.


BALTIC DRY index above 2000 which is drawing a possible fundamental BS like this “bond prices up and commodities up on inflation expectations and agressive bond buying by the feds, stock mkt factoring nflation from commodities alongside capital fund suplies for re-starting the economy”.

That would be too predective and so of a fantasy for a hedger.


I thought about shorting KC early in the morning since yesterday and would have had a very unconfortable loss because no strategy was mentally processed more than a graphical pattern.


Have to re-schedule all the compromises written before this entry.



Happy about finding some nice things on CL and GC for positional speculation. More study is needed.

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