Qué cagada

It is 8.45 gt time [10.45ET] I log on to my MF Global Account to get a quote of the opening in the wheat market where I have a sell signal with a nice profit probability.


Since I was wiped out in the las 12 months, the balance in the account is $2.9. But in the moment I get my eye on the Purchasing Power field It syas $7950 in red! I owe to my broker that amount of dollars.


Then I realized that I had SELL GTC limit order for closing my long call position on the CLM9 strike of $90.00. But since that long call expired weeks ago, the market standed still.


Now that I think about it, That GTC order shold have expried too, since I am asking to sell something that no longer exists. Maybe that is why I never got a margin call directly by phone or at the email.


At least is shows me that the system does work indeed.


Be careful when using GTC orders since those are, obviously, until are canceled.

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