Three nice weeks – time to reOrganize




In the past weeks I visited Tlaxcala, Mexico and Chicago. The left picture is of a paint of 10 feet high of a market day about 700 years ago. Back then ‘traders’ organized themselves by trading commodities in different locations. Just the same way the SP500 is traded 30 feet away of the ten year bond markets.


Both trips to Mexico and Chicago were grate experiences in personal, spiritual and speculative terms. I met Dr Brett Steenbarger, I touched the floor of the pits, I met floor brokers as well as electronic brokers making currency hedges for balance sheets of $50million. I went to two yankee games and a week later in Mexico I met about 100 young persons like me that are building the civilization of love trough our Catholic Church.


photo3 I thank the lord for facilitating such grate opportunities. I hope to create a return for each lesson learned.

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