cfa podcast notes

critical competences

1) application of your knowlege

in certain contexts.

3) real level of markets.

academic qualifications with real drive for markets.

4) passion for markets:

following them, and trading them.

core desire.

For that:

last investment you made?

what sources do you access.

where do I see investment


Other Orientations:

global footprint.

fx, commodities, high yield:

this is such global footprint.

team work.

understand the culture of the


being able to work with each

other. consider the others

as partners.

be able con convince clients for

taking some decisions.

Develop relationships.

The business is about

building relationship

business skills.

what your clients really want.

learn to listen, what challenges

do they have. problem solving

and falling into that.

the ability of problem solving,

not the level you can have.

Mind set for continuing learning.

Constantly staying ahead.

Stay fresh and on top of things.

if you are not moving, you are

going backwards.

destilar lo que realmente es

relevante de toda la información

que hay online.

what makes the difference.

what to tell a client that hasn’t

heard already.


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