Media Exposure and other skills acquired

September 25 de 2007
“Fixed Income Portfolio Ideas” ─ Eduardo Valle
Westin Camino Real Hotel, Guatemala

February 21 y 22 de 2006
“Futures and Options markets”, by Gabriela Facciano
UFM business school

Media Exposure and Other Supplementary Information

During my tenure with advisory firm Central American Business Intelligence I typically provided market insight to the media with information regarding commodity futures markets.

Most of the links are no longer active.  I recommend you to look into the dates of publication in the link.  I was very young and had no problem giving declarations to the media including live interviews in TV networks:

Siglo XXI (news paper in Guatemala City)
elPeriodico (news paper in Guatemala City)
Prensa Libre (news paper in Guatemala City)
Revista Summa (regional business magazine)
Guatevisión [local news channel], Canal Antigua [another news
channel], Radio Infinita [radio in the metropolitan area].

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