Pastoral Entreprenurship

Subir el volcan acatenango con los de kashem con un grupo de bautizados haciendo una relfexión sobre la opcion fundamental x Xto y la vida secular.

The Family: God’s Work

74. (31) The primacy of grace needs to be highlighted and, consequently, the possibilities that the Spirit provides in the Sacrament. It is a question of allowing people to experience that the Gospel of the Family is a joy that “fills hearts and lives”, because in Christ we are “set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness, and loneliness” (EG, 1). In light of the Parable of the Sower (cf. Mt 13;3), our task is to cooperate in the sowing; the rest is God’s work; nor must we forget that, in preaching about the family, the Church is a sign of contradiction.

75. The primacy of grace is fully manifested when the family renders an account of its faith and the married couple actually live their marriage as a vocation. In this regard, the following recommendations were made: to support and encourage the faithful witness of Christian couples; to engage in sound programmes of growth in the grace of Baptism, especially in youth programmes; to adopt a symbolic, experiential and meaningful language in preaching and catechesis; and to provide meetings and special courses for pastoral workers, so they can effectively communicate with their listeners and educate them to invoke and recognize God’s presence in their sacramental union and the continuing process of conversion.

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