Es mas probable que los bebes de hoy sean microemprendedores que profesionales con título.

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Apuntes del podcast (hasta abajo):

  • Crowd-based capitalism / p2p
  • rbnb biggest provider of lodge. Air mattress for people to crash.
  • how much of this is function of complacency of entrench business.
  • shareability. 80M power drills. each one of 13 minutes. Enourmous waste.
  • Home and car: managed to create sharing markets for highly valued assets for individuals.
  • Consumirazaton of technology. 60s, 70s and 90s: all was built for companies. 1st for business then for home use. Shift in late 90s away from business to consumers.
  • tablets: built for consumers and tarnsformed for business.
  • how much of sharing economiy is on mobility?
    mass market: broader adoption through an interface.
  • digitize our identity & trust: pre 2005: dirver license, and a professional network. now FB and Linked in represent real world professional capital that build turhog your life. Shall I share my car with this peerson?
  • lend money? ebay the 1st to digitize the trust factor.
    digital institution of courts of law, no, just the feedback.
    but stakes was low. but trusting an extrange to get in your car or your appartment. KICKSTARTER
    circule up
    refunder, oculus rift
  • Juno: uber competititor with 50% resrve of capital for providers.

53M freelance workers. Supplemental income.
this will race full time work in next decades.

shift of the individual from a professional offering work against a wage to a individual with it’s own business with a tiny platform in exchange for the revenue.

Micro entrepreneurs. this is the future of work. Much of things wil lbe done by machines. AI. there applications for thisn in accounting, law, architecture, sales, high end computer programming. we need the education system to show them how to make it on their own.

exponential growth

future for a lot of emerging markes with out reliabilty in power source have future on the solar thing.

club on demand.
entertaining and serving.
josephine: i feed you and send it you.


Full interview:

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