On Innovation – Luis Perez-Breva

At first, innovation looks fundamentally wrong.  For example, today Henry Ford would be trying build affordable personal Jets. The fact is innovation is the end result. In 1975 there was somebody (Bill Gates) advocating for putting computers on every desk, when not even internet was invented; “Who needs that?” This idea was so preposterous that it didn’t even matter at the time.

The important thing about innovation is understanding that we don’t learn from being right. We learn from being wrong. All ideas are born bad. Innovation is not about an idea. It’s about the problem needed to be solved.

This guy, Luis P., founded a start-up that built a system used by 911 to locate cellphones during emergencies using Artificial Intelligence. They discovered that triangulation doesn’t work; instead, AI can interpret the available information and learns to locate you. is not model based. Is AI based.

Podcast wtih Barry Ritholtz:



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