Metals leading, bonds finding bottom, dollar weak, equities stalled at long term trend-Nice volatility among cmmdts

What does coffee and sugar after a LowTradingRange in 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d and 5d?


Heavy activity in W and C. Everybody is covering the weather expectancy. The long trade in W would have been profitable and now it has a sell signal for the opening of tomorrow.

Volatility is getting in the grains, firstly a long time ago with S, now corn is the one big fish pending to get in the party.


Buyers were dominant among most of commodity sessions excepting KC which had divergence closing up at 131 but with a selling dominance, let us not forget that this soft is on existential quest around is long term trends and option surface indicating a lower price expected after third quarter.


Wheat: Head and shoulders pattern






SOFTS  1.71

METALS  3.8 [watch hg]

DJAIG  3.5

avg  2.5

bolsa 4.0





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