Oil is not in the zone of the other commodities [dx, bourse, bonds]-puts are way to heavy

Again winner on W. selling the open and buying the close. at least 15 tick on profit, or $700 or about 7% using 1:3 leverage on a $30k contract size.


There was a big order in coffee of about 20 contracts which made the price go from 128 to 130 where it closed. In positional trading, it is still finding this soul around the long term alignment.


It seems that sugar is building a trading range. ATR is on S, the trade wight is weak, below 3, and price is on S-. Wait for energy biofuels fundamentals for action. I have never seen this mkt in the intraday. I will check it out tomorrow. I should see it since the size is pretty nice for spec.


560 is a key level on W.



New highs on CL. Divergent volume. opening gap and low trading range in spite of fundamental bullish. It might very well start a trip to the south. I should check the 10d MAs system in a reverse manner for seeking bearish profit potential.


Gold had a DIV on a +day which is a hight probabiltiy of selling off tomorrow (today).


I have nothing for copper. I should try a positional just for matter of knowing the mkt.



There is a big problem with TS when internet falls because I can’t follow my most recent indicators for the bid/ask battle.


There are like 3 systems in oil which I should be papertrading.

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  1. diegojoachin · June 10, 2009

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    Learn How To Breathe
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