Hat tip to Mr. Gross

I like this gentleman.

I will never forget on 2011 when I read this line while cashing a check: “I’m obsessively game oriented, and that’s my – it’s not a problem, it’s just a driver.”

One should remain married to a woman, not to an idea: Bill Gross and the end of the bond bull market. Thrilling it is that’s around the same time as Derek Jeter.

I don’t know if what he has done is ethically good or not. CFA Standars should apply to examine this case. What I want to emphasize is his willingness to abandon something he has been building for decades. Other people would die trying to make it work, he decided create himself again with or without everybody’s approval.

Rabbinical interpretation could be extrapolated: “It is easier to a bond pundit leave his own company than a selfishly obsessed man accept his entrance in the Kingdom of God”.


Update on Nov 3rd: Look at his office:




  • I guess 1/4 of his effort is dedicated to written communication while the rest is invested in analyzing markets. What a beauty.

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