A Coffee Shop

There is this coffee business in at the office.  We are about 500 individuals in this building.  The lady-barista told me they use three pounds of coffee daily and four on busy days.  How much coffee co-workers consume at this vendor?

If one pound = 460 g and 1 cup of coffee requires 10g, therefore they sell between 130 to 180 8-ounce cups of coffee on a daily basis.  That’s equivalent of 523 homo sapiens collectively consuming 1.25 cups of coffee on a weekly basis.

We are not taking into account the coffee that is consumed away from this coffee idle, i.e. french press enthusiasts [like myself and other colleagues] as well as the coffee that the company offers at the braking rooms and other DIY individuals.

This is very, very low if you compare that the global weekly consumption is ~6 cups a week.  According to the same source the weekly consumption on Guatemala is 2.5.





Quick shot while this words came to my mind on Jan the 6th 2014


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