Photography Homework


Trinitarian thoughts on the volcanos Agua, Fuego, Acatenango:

How does it look when it is photographed with frontlight as opposed to soft diffused light? Or does it look best with sidelight? This is a project you can keep doing throughout the year to see how the light changes over seasons.

The point is to understand how the light affects your subject.

To continually improve your photography, become a student of light. Even when you do not have your camera, be aware of the type of light in your surroundings and how the light changes. Take notice when sun changes to shade or, even better, when shade turns to sun.

Seens that not only wind is a friend of spec but also light.

Source: ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anne McKinnell is a full- time travelling photographer.



With this criteria I could also begin a light analysis of the pictures included in this post of Pics for Presentations; all of them performed by me.




The aperture also determines how many of the incoming rays are actually admitted and thus how much light reaches the image plane (the narrower the aperture, the darker the image for a given exposure time). In the human eye, the pupil is the aperture.


Sutter speed, ISO, Exposure

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