Libro:  Memorias de Don Bosco

  • Leía  muchísimo . (Uno de sus favoritos: La Imitación de Cristo). Le gustaba el buen uso del lenguaje y por eso no leía cualquier cosa, y por eso lo sorprendió La Imitación de Cristo.
  • Vanidad:  sun gran debilidad.
  • Muy consciente de sus actos:  respeto absoluto al superior.  Dejò de hacer shows y apuestas para no dar mala imagen, siendo seminarista.  Hacía magia tan eficazmente que llegaron a decir que era diabólico.
  • Muy cercano a nuestra época: su movimiento comenzó cuando la nueva ciudad de Guatemala ya habia sido fundada.  En abril de 1846 (domimgo de ramos) se tenía que cambiar de sitio el (primer) oratorio. Y ese dia se puso a llorar de la angustia poque no sabía que hacer.
  • Lo despidieron. Lady Marchioness, quien administraba un hogar asistencial con ayuda de  DB, pero querían que dn dejara de ponerle tanta atención a los muchachos callejeros. 
  • Lo creían loco. Incluso trataron de meterlo al manicomio.  Aqui esta escrito con sus palabras (traducias al ingles):
  • Sobre un su beneficiario:

    At the New Year, he always used to send me a subsidy of 300 lire with this greeting: For Don Bosco’s little rascals. [Bosco, Saint John (2012-03-15). Don Bosco’s Memoirs (Kindle Locations 2705-2707). Don Bosco Publication. Kindle Edition.]

  • 60 franc prize,  LOC 1727, to the person who obtained top marks for study and conduct.  All this meant that I could provide for half my fees, while good Fr Cafasso provided the rest.Wheat was as much as four francs a bushel.
    corn 2.5 francs a bushel. (Kindle Location 1731). Don Bosco Publication.
  • Politics:  El concejo municipal mandó policias para resguardar el orden publico durante las juntas de Don Bosco:
    • Well, Marquis Cavour said to one of these guards, what did you see and hear in the midst of that rabble? Lord Marquis, we saw a huge crowd of boys enjoying themselves in a thousand ways. In church we heard some hair-raising sermons. They said so many things about hell and devils that it made me want to go to Confession. And what about politics? Politics weren’t even mentioned. Those boys wouldn’t understand anything about politics. Now if you were to start a discussion about bread and butter, that is asubject each of them would be qualified to speak about. When Cavour died, no one else at city hall bothered us. In fact, whenever there has been an occasion the Turin authorities were always favourable towards us until 1877. (Kindle Locations 2723-2733).
  • “work does no damage to bodily health.”
  • To meet initial expenses, I had sold part of a field and a vineyard. My mother sent for her wedding trousseau, which up to then she had jealously preserved intact. From some of her dresses we made chasubles; from the linen we made amices, purificators, surplices, albs, and towels. Everything passed through the hands of Mrs Margaret Gastaldi, who since then has helped look after the needs of the Oratory. My mother also had a little gold necklace and some rings; they were quickly sold to buy braid and trimmings for the sacred vestments. My mother was always in good humour. One evening, she laughingly sang to me: Woe to the world if it should learn, We’re just penniless strangers! (Kindle Locations 2880-2887) 

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